Jim FrackenpohlAbout Jim Frackenpohl

I have been creative and expressing myself artistically as long as I can remember. Born into a musical family, and while enjoying pursuing various instruments, I was continually drawing, painting and constructing.

One of my favorite childhood memories was participating in a summer workshop called CAPS (Creativity and Problem Solving). This venue challenged all participants to explore problem solvingĀ  from multiple vantage points. To this day I enjoy the challenge of seeking multiple solutions to any challenge put before me.

Artistic endeavors came naturally. I excelled in grade and high school and college, eventually earning a Bachelor if Fine Arts from RIT. Since then my careers have been expressions of creativity; illustration, graphic design, marketing, advertising, management, cooking professionally and consulting to the retail industry.

My goal now as Jim the Painter & Artist is to listen to your objectives and to provide visual solutions to meet your expectations. I relish any challenge, and would look forward to collaborating with you, your family and/or business to provide top quality creative results.